Selected works

Ghost Beat Tape Vol. 10

A compilation of some of my work between 2020 and 2024.
Basically, a melting pot of tracks not intended to be on an album.Many of which are the result of sound research, commissions, rap instrumentals that didn't find a place, etc. The whole thing ranges from Ambient to abstract Hip-Hop beats, embellished with field recording, naturalistic discourse and vocal yoghurt.

Limitless Possibilities

Olvo's first proper album. A luminous record that evokes the search for oneself and the magic of life. The opus features a number of super features including Magic Malik and Témé Tan, and has been very well received by critics and the public alike.

Olvo - Olvo LP

Olvo's very first release. A sort of beat tape that already shows the composer's distinctive style. It contains the track Arp 128, which remains one of his most popular songs to this day.