Who's Olvo ?

Nicolas Allard, a pianist trained in both classical and electronic music who fuses genres with a unique style that has no defined format.

Solo or through the various collectives of which he is a member, Olvo regularly collaborates with various artists, performers, filmmakers and choreographers.

I work as a solo artist and as a composer for film, theater, dance, video games and multimedia. I am also often called upon to work as an arranger and producer for outside artists. Finally, I'm part of the Humarka audio production studio (more info below).

My work

a musical instrument with a musical instrument
a musical instrument with a musical instrument

“Olvo's DIY-approach to producing melodic electronica continues to deliver exciting results.”
— Red Bull Elektropedia


La musique d'Olvo est incroyablement belle et émouvante. Nous sommes fans !

“We loved the rich, soft textures in this track - so chill and relaxing!”
— Maisonneuve Music

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